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Free Ones Reviews

Free Ones works really well as a network. There really is something here for all manner of different tastes and they are all quite good offerings.

8.5 / 10 Read the review

Porn Inspector

Porn Inspector

If you're looking for amateur style porn, then the massive regularly updated collection provided by Da GFs is a real bargain.

4.5 / 5 Read the review
Porn Reviews

Honest Porn Reviews

Honest Porn Reviews

This site has just about any and all of the girlfriend type amateur porn a person could ever want.

9.3 / 10 Read the review

The Best Porn Reviews

The Best Porn

This was my first look at Da GFs network and I've got to say I was impressed.

8.2 / 10 Read the review

The Porn Dude Reviews

The Porn Dude

Just smooth, hardcore action with young chicks that love to have sex.

5 / 5 Read the review

Review Porn Reviews

Review Porn

If you are looking for good quality amateur hardcore, then Da GFs is going to be right up your street.

88 / 100 Read the review

Kelly Find Reviews

Kelly Find

This network features a really nice variety of content. There's plenty to see.

87 / 100 Read the review

Reviewed Porn Reviews

Reviewed Porn

This is a great value network!

80 / 100 Read the review


I give DAGFs points for the crystal clear images and unique content. You can tell every girl featured on the site has a passion for dick. I don't know why that matters to me, but for some reason it does. I feel like the girls are enjoying themselves. I'm a fan.

- HarryFucker

I hope i don't go to hell for flushing millions of my potential kids down the toilet in a tissue after spending so much time on this Dagfs site. I masturbate a lot. Am I a bad person???

- Lynnard

Yeah, I thought I had seen it all, but girls these days apparently do -way more- with their boyfriends than my girlfriend ever did with me. That's life, I guess. DAGFS made me realize this. It's a terrific site.

- Mcpussy

I find DAGFS easy to masturbate to.

- Arnaud

DaGFs is one of the hottest amateur sites I can remember visiting lately. The content is original, and I have to say, it's one of the few sites I keep coming back to...

- Mobydick

Absolutely the best jerking material I ever came across!

- Analraptor

Compared to other amateur sites, I'd say this one has the most "real" amateur content around. I mean, God damn... some of these chicks know how to work a dick. It's f-ing hot.

- Sexzilla

Let's see... I give the site a 9/10 for content, 10/10 for featuring ex-girlfriend videos that remind me of my own ex.. but there's a slight shortage of redheaded midgets (wait, what!?). Other than this one small disappointment, the site is great.

- Midgetlover
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